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So I did my first studio photo shot this weekend and it was so much fun but was a busy and tiring day as we had 4 models who each had between 2-3 looks so there was a lot of changing.  I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot about lighting and how to use it better.  I did find thou that while it was great to just set my camera up and then not to have to mess with the settings too much was fun but after a while I seemed to run out of ideas and I remembered what one of the first models I ever worked with said, "working in a studio limits your creativity".  Now I am aware you can get some great shots in a studio (in fact I think these are some of my best) but I just couldn't be creative in the same was a location shot where you can say "ok, lets try climbing in those pipes or lets jump off that wall!".

But anyway im rambling and I have lots of photos to edit, I will try and add as many as I can here as I didnt add that many after the last shoot.
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So I did a second shoot with models this weekend which calls for a second deviantart journal entry!  It was a great shoot and a lot better organized than last time so was much more relaxed and allowed us all to try some new stuff.  I experimented with the flash I have recently bought and experimented bouncing it off walls and got to use reflectors as well and was shocked at the difference they can make.

It was also the first time I have worked with a male model, which was cool as I have never shot with a male model before, it seems there are a lot less of them compared to female models!

So ill be adding lots of pictures today and over the next few days, one thing I am really happy with is that I seem to have got a lot more photos this time that I can keep and use where as last time there were a lot out of focus and therefore unusable, so I'm hoping that means im improving.  Only time will tell....
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So this was a weekend of first's, The first time I'm writing in this journal, the first time I've filled two 4gig memory cards in one day and the first time I've been on a photo shoot with models and a makeup artist.

So had a great day with the models and learnt a lot from the other photographers and from the models themselves.  I took some great shots (in my opinion) and some terrible ones as well, but I found that looking at the bad ones helped me compose the next ones better.

Anyways, ill be adding the photos over the next few days after I have done some post processing, again something I've not done much of so will be great to practice for now Im adding a rag doll picture as I feel it doesn't need post processing, although I may be proved wrong on that!!!
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